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Leisure time

What can you do in your own free time? There are many possibilities, and you just have to find the things that interest you. And you don’t always have to do anything. Sometimes just being by yourself feels good and helps you to recover from the bustle of everyday life.  

For many people, exercise makes them feel good, and it is good for the body and mind. For example, go for a walk. You can listen to an audio book or be with your own thoughts, or walk and talk together with a friend. In Finland, nature is never far away, and according to studies, being in nature helps to recover from stress.  

Other leisure activities include cafés; cultural sites such as art exhibitions, museums and theatres; and libraries. You can also study in your free time. For example, anyone can study languages, handicrafts, arts, cooking or sports in the citizens’ and working people’s colleges found all over Finland. You can get more information about the study opportunities at these colleges in several languages on the website

Some people want to do volunteer work in their free time and help others at the same time. Volunteer work can be done in very different ways and through different entities. For example, you can browse the opportunities for volunteering on the website vapaaehtoistyö.fi

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