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A good relationship

In a good relationship you can be yourself, but you can also talk about difficult things. In addition, important things in a relationship are trust, respect, faithfulness and the will to share life with each other. Everyday life is not always easy, and this is why it’s important to know that you can trust someone else and that everyday responsibilities are shared equally.  

In all human relationships, there will be conflicts and disagreements from time to time. The decisive thing is how they are resolved. Both of the two parties must have room to express their own opinion and point of view. Sometimes one notices that the other is right, and sometimes the solution is to make a compromise. Outside help, such as relationship therapy, is sometimes needed to resolve conflicts in a relationship. An outsider can help to find the root causes of problems and find solutions to them.   

A good relationship never involves belittling the other, jealousy, indifference or any kind of violence.   

To the video of the Niitty project, “What makes a good relationship?”, subtitles are available in many different languages, including Somali and Arabic.