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Racism and discrimination 

Young people belonging to minorities experience racism, and some young people experience it every day. Racism is manifested in many different ways. It can be insulting, e.g. being shouted at regarding your skin colour, but it can also be structured and harder to put into words. Racism is never acceptable and should always be addressed. Continuous experiences of racism and discrimination can have very long-lasting effects on mental health and cause consequences such as depression and anxiety.  

As a parent, you should ask and listen as well as be sensitive to the experiences your child tells you about. Do not play down the experiences of racism or the feelings it causes. If you aren’t sure how to handle the topic with your child, contact a teacher or a youth worker, or refer your child to peer support: The Muudi project of Yeesi ry, a youth mental health association, promotes the mental health of young people who experience racism, with the help of peer support, among other things.