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Use of intoxicants is less common in Muslim communities than in the rest of the population. However, intoxicants are prominent in Finnish society. At some point every young person, regardless of their background, encounters a situation where someone uses drugs or someone offers drugs to the young person. Therefore, it is important that parents and young people have enough correct information on the subject.  

According to research, factors that protect against substance abuse include a safe childhood environment; good adult role models; good and reliable friendships; meaningful leisure activities and the ability to handle emotions and manage stress. In addition, the use of intoxicants is prevented by knowledge of their harmful health effects. Risk factors for substance use include the influence of the friend group and mental health challenges. Intoxicants can also trigger mental health problems. 

Information on alcohol, cannabis and nicotine products as well as tips for discussing the topic with young people can be found in the Arabic and Somali languages on the website of the Hadiya project of EHYT ry

You can get support and help in different languages from the substance abuse and mental health association SAMHA ry, founded by immigrants and aimed at immigrants.