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Further studies 

For some young people, it is already clear at an early stage what they want to do for a living, and they aim towards it with determination. However, it is very common that future plans only become clear later. During secondary education, young people think a lot about the direction to go in after it finishes. There are many different options and it’s worth thinking about what one’s strengths and interests are.  

Those who have completed both a matriculation degree and a vocational degree are eligible to apply for further studies at a university of applied sciences or a university.  

Universities of applied sciences (AMK): the website has comprehensively collected all degree opportunities as well as information on what jobs the degree prepares for. Information about AMK studies can also be found on the website  

Graduate university of applied sciences (YAMK): A graduate AMK degree gives the same eligibility for public office as a master’s degree obtained at a university. You can apply for the YAMK degree after you have completed the AMK degree and gained experience in working life for a few years. You can find more information about YAMK degrees and requirements on the websites of the various universities of applied sciences.  

University: On the website, you can find information about universities and their educational offerings.