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Neuropsychiatric challenges

What is meant by neuropsychiatric challenges? Neuropsychiatric challenges can be manifested in many different ways. The child may have sensory sensitivities; for example, their clothes itch and irritate, or sounds hurt their ears. The child may have difficulty concentrating and be restless. The child’s impulse control may be weak, and aggressive behaviour may be displayed.  

You should tell the nurse at the maternity and child health clinic or the kindergarten or school staff about your concerns and observations, and also be open to the observations of the kindergarten or school. Neuropsychiatric symptoms do not necessarily appear in the same way at home and outside the home. Getting the right kind of help and support is in the interest of both the child and the whole family.  

The website has information about neuropsychiatric challenges in languages such as Finnish, plain Finnish, Somali and Arabic.

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